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Wibblewobble. Wibblewobblewibblewobble.
I have finally plucked up the courage.
It is my tenth visit to Venice and my first time in a gondola. As I drink my coffee...

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Gondola Days Magazine

Gondola Days is a magazine aimed at the promotion and appreciation of culture.
Gondola Days publishes renowned writers from all over the world to make Venice and its culture known. Looking at and reading Gondola Days allows the immense cultural heritage of this unique city to be discovered, and the details of a history that recounts the world, that recounts humanity, to be grasped.
Gondola Days is printed annually in 100,000 bilingual (Italian - English) copies.
Gondola Days is distributed free by gondoliers, in the main five star hotels in Venice and the press office at the Art, Cinema and Architecture Biennale Exhibitions.